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Sr. Software Engineer Des Moines Iowa

Uplift Delivery is a team-based delivery consulting firm located directly out of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. We work with clients, both large and small, on a variety of projects in order to help propel projects/teams forward, or to take on projects due to lack of established team members. We work on a wide variety of positions with a variety of companies (both local and non-local).


Our team members have multiple years of experience working in a team delivery model, and in most cases have previously worked together. This giving us a leading edge by bypassing the storming of bringing new team members together. We are well versed in many technologies and delivery methods.


We have a unique opening for a client – which we are considering both full time and contracted individuals for. Ideally with 5+ years of experience within the field.


Technical Stack:


• This position will be backend concentrated. They use Node and Typescript.

• A very heavy data involved position-working with exposing/ extracting/ modeling data

• This candidate will have to have some DevOps experience (AWS is cloud platform the client uses)

• Extreme programming is used (no exceptions) – eXtreme Programming is agile software development framework that aims to produce higher quality software, and higher quality of life for the development team) – Key Practices like pair programming, planning, continuous process, coding standards, sustainable pace, and TDD


If your interested, please reach out directly to Hunter Haws at or apply accordingly.

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